I write code. For Wall Street, for entertainment companies, for websites. Be it new user interface elements, or games, or interactive tools - whatever - I create programs that people notice.

The programs take the form of full applications using Java/C/Perl etc, or Java applets, or whatever you need.

The programs I create make people say wow, that's cool. Look for yourself. Click on the active elements in the PRODUCTS section for a sampling of things I've created.

I've written for financial companies including Goldman, UBS, and ndb. I've written for entertainment companies including CBS, Scholastic, and Atari. I've written for a number of websites. Your design or mine, small or large, embedded on a page or as a full screen application, anything is possible.

I was once the CEO of a big financial services company, the one with the duck as a logo. I wrote an iconic video game - which never seems to go away - having been featured in a number of movies and TV shows. And I once met the man who invented permanent press.

Oh, and in high school I worked for a bakery - rolls, muffins, that sort of thing - nothing too fancy. So give me a call or stop by and have some warm cookies.